SoLow Housing First is a unique application of the housing-first philosophy. People living in temporary or chronic homelessness experience extraordinary stress from the daily struggle for survival, leaving no time or energy to devise a way to improve their conditions.

Respite lodging is short-term housing available by the week, up to a month, to give individuals a place to recuperate, reflect, and refine their plans for the future.

Dogs are welcome, lockers keep possessions safe, and there are no conditions or requirements for rehabilitation or specific engagement. Common space is maintained for use of all, including a full kitchen and personalized refrigerator space. A calm Zen-style reading room is open at all hours, with a full library covering a wide range of genres (not just “self-help”).

Being homeless is painful for the body, mind, and soul. Getting every part of them back on track starts with feeling safe, and respite lodging provides the fastest and most accessible option.